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Kim Bum Ten Asia Interview

Kim Bum Ten Asia

Ten Asia just translated an interview with Kim Bum just around the end of That Winter, The Wind Blows. Kim Bum talks about his role in Padam Padam, and in That Winter, The Wind Blows. He talks about growing as an actor and wanting to do more projects that are different and challenging. You can read the interview here.

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“Singing is a gift to my fans for supporting me.” – Kim Bum

Kim Bum recently debuted his first album Home Town in Japan, and also held a fan meet to commemorate the release of his album. In a recent interview with Oricon Kim Bum talks about singing, acting and how much his fans mean to him.

— (Together) ♪Happy Birthday to you~

(Kim Bum) Wah~ Thank You Very Much!

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Kim So Eun will provide ‘Lyrics’ to Junho’s ‘Music’

Kim Bum isn’t the only one keeping busy. As mentioned earlier, Kim So Eun will work with 2PM’ s Junho in the reality show, Music and Lyrics. Kind of drawing it’s inspiration from the movie of the same name, a top actress is chosen to participate with a top musician, working together within the deadline of thirty days. The musician chosen composes the song while it is the responsibility of the actress to provide the lyrics. Kim So Eun and Junho will follow Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun as the second couple appearing on Music & Lyrics.

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New Pictures from the Kim Bum Japan Website

By new I don’t mean brand new (his hair is shorter now)…I’ve just never got around to posting them on here. I know I’m going back and forth with the pictures but just so the timeline is clear, Kim Bum’s Visit to Thailand was in the beginning of February, around 10th Feb (I do have one more set of pics), and his visit to Japan came later, Feb 25th (as I mentioned already), after which he did a cameo on High Kigk 3 (More on that in a later post), currently he’s filming for Miracle with Kim Kang Woo (I have more info on that as well as soon as I’m all updated ^_^) In the meantime enjoy some more pictures from Kim Bum’s Japanese Website…

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Kim So Eun Says She Doesn’t Want to Get Married

Kim So Eun has been married twice, in her dramas, first with Jin Yi Han in A Good Day for the Wind to Blow & second with Ryu Jin from her current drama A Thousand Kisses. Since her marriage in both dramas has been riddled with its fair share of obstacles, Kim So Eun expressed that she herself doesn’t have any exclusive desire to get married in a recent interview featured on Sports Khan

The 22 year old actress says that after being in 2 “marriages” in these dramas, the idea of marriage isn’t too desirable at the moment for her.

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Kim So Eun Interviews

There have been an upsurge of Kim So Eun Interviews since the finale of A Good Day For The Wind to Blow. Till recent there was little news of Kim So Eun as she was working on her drama that ran for about 9 months.

Currently we’re working on getting all the interviews translated if possible, so please have patience. In the meantime you can enjoy some of the current pictures of Kim So Eun from her interviews.

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Kim Bum Mop Interview

Kim Bum did a variety of interviews in China. He basically said if there were the chance, he would love to do movies and sing in China too.

More Kim So Eun 10asia photo shoot

More So Eun’s pictures from 10asia shoot. Margaret posted some of them couple months ago, but probably many photos you haven’t seen before.

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Kim So Eun SoHu Interview Pictures

We reported the interview earlier today, and there is a gorgeous set of pictures that go along with it as well. For those who are not Chinese, SoHu means “search fox” (there’s a search dog too), and therefore the mascot for SoHu is a fox. So Eun looks really cute playing with the little fox plushie ^.^

44 beautiful pictures of Eunnie:

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Kim Bum Interview Pictures

W00t 40+ more:

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