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Kim Bum in That Winter, the Wind Blows


Some still cuts were released for Kim Bum’s role as Park Jin Sung in “That Winter, the Wind Blows“.

Donga recently interviewed Kim Bum and his love interest in the drama, Jung Eun Ji. Kim Bum remarked that Jung Eun Ji’s character in the drama is the type of woman he likes. Because Kim Bum is older and a sunbae in the industry, he would like to take care of her.

That Winter, the Wind Blows” will debut on February 13th.

Check out the rest of the cuts below.

Bonus selca:


And DC has a new logo. Sexy huh?


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Note: It’s common in Korean culture to want to take care of those who are younger and less experienced than you. It’s nothing out of the ordinary and a very polite thing to do.